How to Learn About Your Residential Roofing Installation

If you are planning to replace your old roof or your new construction soon reaches the phase when the roof is going to be installed, learning about the roof installation process as much as you can is very important. Knowledge about the different installation techniques and procedures is very valuable even if you are not going to install the roof yourself – it will help you make better decisions in terms of the roofing materials used and it will give you self-confidence during your meetings with your roof installation team. Here are some resources that you can use.

Local Building Code and Your HOA Covenant

Local building codes are documents that serve the purpose of making local buildings safe, therefore they include lists with the building materials that can be safely used in a particular geographical area. Consult the building code applicable in your area to find out about the materials that can and cannot be used on local roofs as well as to learn about the roofing types and styles that are allowed.

HOA covenants focus more on the appearance of your neighborhood, telling you what roof colors and designs you are allowed to use on your building to maintain the style of your neighborhood consistent. The regulation in the covenant are very important to respect – the HOA might make you take off your roof if it is not complying with the rules.

Online Video Tutorials

Whatever roofing material you use, whatever style you are looking to create, you will surely find lots of great video tutorials on the internet. You can use the videos to find out how to handle different materials, what tools you will need and what are the installation pitfalls that you should avoid.

How-to Articles

You can turn to the internet to find text descriptions of the various aspects of roofing installation, from articles about how to pick the best material, to pieces of writing on how to choose the best contractor for your project and how to maintain your new roof.

Highlands Ranch roofers

Ask a Roofer

Turning to practicing, experienced Highlands Ranch roofers is always the best way to learn about technical procedures. If you know a roofer, you can turn to them and ask them to explain to you every detail of the roof installation process, to tell you about different roofing materials and material suppliers as well. Local roofers are the best to ask about the materials that work best in your climate area and that also meet your requirements in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.


The classic method for research and for finding information is reading books. There are probably lots of great books in your local library that offer you detailed information about roofing installation and constructing the roof’s support structure.

TV Shows

You can also find lots of interesting TV shows that present different roof installation methods. The installation projects are handled by professionals in those shows, so you can be sure that you will not learn any incorrect techniques from these shows and they are also very entertaining.