Safety Recommendations for DIY Roofing Projects


Dallas roofing companies - safety tips

However simple or complex the roof repair project that you are planning, your safety is the most important aspect to have in mind – if the repair is not done with the highest level of expertise, you might get a leak or two in the home and you might have to invest more into your roof, but broken bones mend very slowly, so the first thing to pay attention to is your own safety. Here are a few tips for safe roofing work.

Wear Proper Clothes

Non-slip, rubber soled working shoes or boots are essential for safe moving on the roof and you should also protect your head with a helmet and your hands with sturdy work gloves. Put on an overall instead of jeans and a T-shirt – moving and working in awkward positions is easier if you wear loose-fitting clothes.

Use Safety Equipment

Use safety harnesses and always anchor yourself properly while on the roof – it is the best way to prevent the injuries caused by slips and falls.

Pick the Right Time

The best time for roof repairs is a day when it is not too hot and not too cold outside, when the sky is overcast, but the forecast announces no rain and the wind is not stronger than a light breeze. Weather that is too cold or too hot makes it more difficult to work on the roof, while rain and wind makes it impossible.

Don’t Work Alone

Let someone know that you will be doing roof work or, even better, get a helper to hold the ladder while you are climbing and to hand you tools or materials if necessary. Better yet, hire Dallas roofing companies to do the work for you.

Pay Attention to Ladder Safety

Always use a sturdy, safe ladder and make sure the ladder stands on dry, hard, even ground – if that is not possible, place a suitably sized, sturdy wood board underneath the ladder to even the ground. When the ladder is extended, anchor it to the roof edge or fasten it to the roof to make sure it won’t slip. While you are climbing, make sure that three of your limbs are always on the ladder, that is the safest way to move on a ladder.

Ensure Your Safety While Moving on the Roof

Install suitably spaced toe holds on the roof to make it easier for you to plant your feet while moving up and down on the roof slope. You can use pieces of wood fastened to the roof decking or adjustable roofing brackets – they are both easy to remove when the work is done.

Have Everything You Need at Hand

There is nothing more annoying than climbing up to the roof ridge to realize that you have left an important tool on the ground. Make a list with everything you need and take all the items to the attic or ask someone to help you from the ground and install a rope pulley that the person on the ground can use for giving you what you need in a safe and efficient manner.