Improve Your Home in Style – A Look at the Best Siding Products for Florida

A Look At The Best Siding Products

When it comes to evaluating what the best siding products for Florida are, homeowners have a lot of ground to cover in terms of learning about the specific qualities and considerations that contractors would recommend. Florida is warm, and it can be quite a temperamental area. Storms, hurricanes and even droughts can be common at times, so your siding has to be chosen to take all that into account.


What to Shop for in Florida?


Heat and fire can be among the most problematic conditions that Florida siding manufacturers have to consider when building their products. If you live in certain parts of the state, fire hazards can be quite common, and a durable, fireproof siding product, such as brick or concrete siding, can sometimes even save your life.


On the other hand, heat is prevalent wherever you live in the state of Florida. So the best siding products for Florida have to include products that have the ability to improve your home’s ability to insulate itself against that heat.


As it’s bombarded by heat waves and hot UV rays from the sun, your siding has to be capable to withstand all that heat and reflect it out into the environment. What happens then is that your AC unit can run on a lot less energy to maintain the temperature within your home, and sometimes you can even turn it off entirely.


Finally, it’s important to buy siding that offers at least some form of storm protection. Hail and hurricanes are common in this region, and homeowners often have to do damage control and spend a lot of money on new siding or siding repairs, when a powerful storm hits.


If you want to avoid storm damage, some of the best candidates for doing so include aluminum, vinyl and fiber cement siding. These products – especially when bought from contractors or manufacturers that are up to speed with the latest manufacturing techniques – will offer you increased protection, and allow you to breathe more easily before a storm.


Genuine Wood vs. Imitations


Genuine wood siding can be a popular choice for an Orlando roofing company. It looks natural, and it can also be purchased in textures and colors that reflect modern trends quite well. So, if you live somewhere in the Miami metropolitan region or in a big city like Orlando, you don’t have to worry about your home looking less “chic” than your neighbors’ homes.


However, wood can present a lot of problems, since it’s prone to fires, rot and pests, and it’s also easily damaged by storms. Engineered wood can be a viable alternative, since it’s easier to install, handles moisture and impacts better, and it’s not prone to pests and insects.


An even better option is concrete or fiber cement siding. This type of siding is far more durable and resilient than wood, and it can be cheaper. What’s more important is that fiber cement is capable of mimicking the appearance of wood to a remarkable extent. So if you want a wood imitation that gets as close as possible to the real thing, the best siding products for Florida that you can choose from will definitely include some type of fiber cement siding.