Asphalt Vs metal roofing


Roofing can be done in many ways. Two of them are, Asphalt roofing and Metal roofing.

Asphalt roofing
Asphalt shingles will be heavy in weight but costs less.
Asphalt shingles shouldn’t be replaced with the old ones by modifying them.
As we are replacing the damages ones, it doesn’t cost much to replace.
Roofing cost is less.
Roofing is very easy once decking is done. As we should just arrange properly and fix the shingles.
Life span is very less as this roof gets affected by moisture very easily.
For building new roof we should completely remove the previously built roof.
It looks beautiful once it is built.
There are materials which are not resistant to fire. This may lead to damage.
Doesn’t create any noise.
Maintenance is difficult.
Recycling is easy.
The roof absorbs the heat more easily.
It is not resistant to all climatic conditions.
Will be difficult to live under this roof in hot summer.
It is not environmental friendly.
Good sound proof with good insulation.
We find shingles with colours.
This roofing is popular in America.
For the people with low budget, it is better to go for Asphalt roofing.


Metal roofing
Metal we use for roofing will be of many types. Though we select any type, it will be lighter than Asphalt shingles but costs more.
It is very difficult if any problem arises to solve it as replacing is difficult.
Here, we are laying another layer of roof instead of replacing the damaged part which costs much.
Roofing cost is more.
Roofing is very difficult as we are working with metal.
Life span is high compared to Asphalt roofing.
We can just lay the new roof over the old roof instead of replacing the damaged part, as it is very difficult.
It also looks good.
It is resistant to fire.
Metal sheets may create noise if not fixed properly and even if the quality of metal sheet is not good enough.
Maintenance is easy.
We can’t recycle.
Keeps the house cool.
It is resistant to any climatic conditions.
It will be cool in summer and hot in winter if we live under this roof.
It is user friendly as well as environmental friendly.
Good sound proof with good insulation. Steps to reduce noise must be taken.
We can paint the metals with any colours.
This is popular and preferred by most of the people.
People with high budget, can prefer metal roofing.