2022 Siding Trends to Make Your Home Stand Out

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Siding is one of the most popular exterior finishes for buildings, having the role of improving their aesthetic appearance. But beyond this role, siding also provides protection against exposure to the elements, as well as additional thermal and sound insulation.

With the help of siding, facades can be easily built, because it is an innovative product that can radically change the appearance of an entire construction. Depending on the chosen model and material, a sophisticated or rustic décor can be quickly obtained, and the building will look neat and uniform. Siding is easy to install and maintain, and, when the situation requires it, simple to replace as well.

If you want to follow 2022 siding trends and make your home stand out, you can opt for WPC siding.

Benefits of WPC siding

Among the advantages of using wood-plastic composite siding, the main one is that it is not necessary to apply special treatments on this material to make it more resistant, as in the case of natural wood siding. Also, the process of installation is not so complicated and requires only some standard tools that any DIY enthusiast owns. Resistance to rot, splitting and deformation is high when it comes to WPC siding, which reflects into the manufacturer`s warranty. During the warranty period, it is very uncommon to experience any issues with your WPC siding. According to siding Lincoln NE companies, the panels will not undergo structural changes to the action of climatic factors (UV radiation, atmospheric humidity, temperature differences, etc.).

The estimated lifespan is 10 years, during which, practically, no intervention is needed from the beneficiary. However, at least now and the, WPC panels can be washed with a jet of medium pressured water and a diluted detergent. If mold spots appear as a result of very poor ventilation, you can use a diluted solution of active chlorine. In case of fat stains, a degreasing detergent will do.

No organic solvents are used to clean the WPC siding!

This siding material can be painted in the desired color – if you want it, because it can also come ready colored, from the factory.  The stability of the colors of the profiles is another benefit, but keep in mind that in the first months after installation, depending on the degree of solar exposure, the siding panels can get slightly lighter due to solar radiation, before reaching the final color that will be maintained for a long time, without variations. This is a natural phenomenon that you do not have to worry about, being generated by lignin in the wood floor – the main constituent of the WPC siding panels.

The panels come in a wide range of colors, widths and finishes to suit both contemporary and traditional projects, to create delightful and admired facades of buildings.

Superior mechanical characteristics (resistance to bending and moisture, elasticity, as well as lack of major risks of breakage), as well as resistance to UV radiation and fire protection are superior to other sidings materials.

Installation of WPC siding

One of the benefits of choosing WPC siding is that the installation does not require highly specialized skills. However, even if you feel skilled enough to do it yourself, it is recommended to turn to siding specialists, so that you can enjoy the warranties of the products.