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What are the Most Durable Roofing Products

Metal roofing

A metal roof is lighter than a concrete or clay roof, more durable than a roof made from bituminous shingles and easier to handle than most roofs. Therefore, it is becoming more popular and is available on the market in a wide range of designs and styles.

Metal panels and shingles are known for their long-term durability, longevity and resistance to wind, hail and fire.

Metal profiles and fittings are designed to interconnect and overlap to withstand wind and keep the elements intact. Modern manufacturing techniques have increased the durability and the aspect of metal roofs. The advances in durability are mainly due to improvements in painting technology, especially the transition from galvanizing with zinc to a combination of zinc and aluminum. The new technology, installed by reputable Centennial roofing companies, offers a complete coating that withstands the harshest environmental conditions and ensures a longer lifespan than before.

Metal shingles can now also be coated with natural stone granules in a basic acrylic layer, which forms a textured surface of provides additional protection, suitable even for the harshest environments in the world.

Additionally, modern metal roof systems come with insulation that provide energy efficiency and create an efficient barrier against exterior noises.

Centennial roofing companies

Ceramic roofing

Ceramic tiles are one of the oldest types of roofing known today. It was first built in the year 800 BC by the Etruscan population who realized that this material can provide great protection when used for roofs.

Ceramic tiles are made of clay mixed with water, air dried then burned in fire at high temperatures, to ensure durability. They can be used on any type of roof, match most styles and are resistant in any environment.

Durability is definitely one of the most significant advantages of a ceramic roof.  This type of roof can have a lifespan of over 100 years, being resistant to rain, snow, wind, hail or fire. It does not deteriorate at extreme temperatures and is immune to prolonged sunlight exposure. The only downside is that it is prone to vegetation growth (moss, algae…), but with regular maintenance, there is nothing to worry about.

Dimensional Shingles

Although asphalt shingles are the most common and popular roofing material due to it excellent price-quality ratio, people are more and more reluctant about it, considering its reduced durability compared to other materials. However, asphalt shingles are not just the three-tab shingles. Manufacturers came up with dimensional shingles, also known as architectural shingles, which are thicker than their regular counterparts and created with durability and resistance in mind.

The top of the line is represented by GAF’s dimensional shingles, which are designed and manufactured with an advanced technology. These materials are tested to withstand category 4 hurricanes (150 mph wind speeds).

Slate roofing

Natural slate is a rock whose main advantages are durability, aspect, elegance and the fact that it is a non-combustible material. On the other hand, it is a heavy material, not very cheap, but it has the longest lifespan (between 75 and 150 years). Roofers often say that a slate roof has unlimited lifespan, and there are many examples of historical building covered with beautiful slate roofs that last for centuries.

How to Learn About Your Residential Roofing Installation

If you are planning to replace your old roof or your new construction soon reaches the phase when the roof is going to be installed, learning about the roof installation process as much as you can is very important. Knowledge about the different installation techniques and procedures is very valuable even if you are not going to install the roof yourself – it will help you make better decisions in terms of the roofing materials used and it will give you self-confidence during your meetings with your roof installation team. Here are some resources that you can use.

Local Building Code and Your HOA Covenant

Local building codes are documents that serve the purpose of making local buildings safe, therefore they include lists with the building materials that can be safely used in a particular geographical area. Consult the building code applicable in your area to find out about the materials that can and cannot be used on local roofs as well as to learn about the roofing types and styles that are allowed.

HOA covenants focus more on the appearance of your neighborhood, telling you what roof colors and designs you are allowed to use on your building to maintain the style of your neighborhood consistent. The regulation in the covenant are very important to respect – the HOA might make you take off your roof if it is not complying with the rules.

Online Video Tutorials

Whatever roofing material you use, whatever style you are looking to create, you will surely find lots of great video tutorials on the internet. You can use the videos to find out how to handle different materials, what tools you will need and what are the installation pitfalls that you should avoid.

How-to Articles

You can turn to the internet to find text descriptions of the various aspects of roofing installation, from articles about how to pick the best material, to pieces of writing on how to choose the best contractor for your project and how to maintain your new roof.

Highlands Ranch roofers

Ask a Roofer

Turning to practicing, experienced Highlands Ranch roofers is always the best way to learn about technical procedures. If you know a roofer, you can turn to them and ask them to explain to you every detail of the roof installation process, to tell you about different roofing materials and material suppliers as well. Local roofers are the best to ask about the materials that work best in your climate area and that also meet your requirements in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.


The classic method for research and for finding information is reading books. There are probably lots of great books in your local library that offer you detailed information about roofing installation and constructing the roof’s support structure.

TV Shows

You can also find lots of interesting TV shows that present different roof installation methods. The installation projects are handled by professionals in those shows, so you can be sure that you will not learn any incorrect techniques from these shows and they are also very entertaining.

What Are the Best Styles of Roofing for Florida Homes?

When you’re living in Florida, it’s very important to fortify your home against storms. Few places in the world face the amount of precipitation and the harsh hurricane level weather that you can expect near Florida’s eastern coasts, and some newcomers to the area can easily be overwhelmed by the aftermath.

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars trying to fix your home and thousands more in replacing damaged furniture and interior fixtures after storm damage caused your roof to leak, then it is extremely important that you look up the best styles of roofing for Florida – not just in terms of appearance, but also to secure the practical value of your roof.

The Most Resilient and Fashionable Types of Roofing

It’s not always clear what the “best” type of roof might represent. However, for most Florida homeowners, it’s essentially a balance between an elegant architectural design with beautiful colors and textures, and a resilient roofing construction that will withstand almost anything you can imagine.

Here are a few of the choices that are considered to be ideal for Florida’s weather and for the curb appeal you might consider aiming towards:

  • Clay roofs are considered to be some of the most popular roofing types for Florida for a number of reasons: firstly, they have been around for a long time, and the style is deeply rooted in the traditional mindset of local homeowners; and secondly, clay is extremely durable and fire resistant, which makes it perfect for withstanding almost anything that Mother Nature might throw at it.
  • Metal roofs can be adapted to virtually any kind of environment and scenery, and they are considered as a highly versatile choice when dealing with the oftentimes harsh and unpredictable weather in Florida. Metal can be cheap, and most types of metal roofs are extremely energy efficient and durable. Moreover, metal roofs can have a wide assortment of styles you can choose from, and they can also feature unique design options.
  • Slate roofing – and especially natural slate – is a great choice for those interested in a more luxurious and elegant approach to durable roofing. Slate is the single most durable and resilient type of roofing material you can choose, and its attractive color and design options will fit just about any type of home and any scenery you can think of. Moreover, like clay tiles, slate roofs have a high fire resistance rating, which is a good advantage for the dry weather some areas in Florida might feature.

Pensacola roofing company

Finding a Dependable Florida Pensacola Roofing Company

Roofing contractors are available in abundance, especially in places like Orlando or the Miami Metropolitan Area. Florida roofers are also extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and they won’t hesitate to give you lots of great tips, if you just moved in from another state.

In most cases, finding the best Florida roofers will be easy, but you still have to make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded, and that their rates are similar to the average roofing prices in the area. Contact your local Pensacola roofers today, and ask them about the best types of roofing you can choose for your new Florida home.

Safety Recommendations for DIY Roofing Projects


Dallas roofing companies - safety tips

However simple or complex the roof repair project that you are planning, your safety is the most important aspect to have in mind – if the repair is not done with the highest level of expertise, you might get a leak or two in the home and you might have to invest more into your roof, but broken bones mend very slowly, so the first thing to pay attention to is your own safety. Here are a few tips for safe roofing work.

Wear Proper Clothes

Non-slip, rubber soled working shoes or boots are essential for safe moving on the roof and you should also protect your head with a helmet and your hands with sturdy work gloves. Put on an overall instead of jeans and a T-shirt – moving and working in awkward positions is easier if you wear loose-fitting clothes.

Use Safety Equipment

Use safety harnesses and always anchor yourself properly while on the roof – it is the best way to prevent the injuries caused by slips and falls.

Pick the Right Time

The best time for roof repairs is a day when it is not too hot and not too cold outside, when the sky is overcast, but the forecast announces no rain and the wind is not stronger than a light breeze. Weather that is too cold or too hot makes it more difficult to work on the roof, while rain and wind makes it impossible.

Don’t Work Alone

Let someone know that you will be doing roof work or, even better, get a helper to hold the ladder while you are climbing and to hand you tools or materials if necessary. Better yet, hire Dallas roofing companies to do the work for you.

Pay Attention to Ladder Safety

Always use a sturdy, safe ladder and make sure the ladder stands on dry, hard, even ground – if that is not possible, place a suitably sized, sturdy wood board underneath the ladder to even the ground. When the ladder is extended, anchor it to the roof edge or fasten it to the roof to make sure it won’t slip. While you are climbing, make sure that three of your limbs are always on the ladder, that is the safest way to move on a ladder.

Ensure Your Safety While Moving on the Roof

Install suitably spaced toe holds on the roof to make it easier for you to plant your feet while moving up and down on the roof slope. You can use pieces of wood fastened to the roof decking or adjustable roofing brackets – they are both easy to remove when the work is done.

Have Everything You Need at Hand

There is nothing more annoying than climbing up to the roof ridge to realize that you have left an important tool on the ground. Make a list with everything you need and take all the items to the attic or ask someone to help you from the ground and install a rope pulley that the person on the ground can use for giving you what you need in a safe and efficient manner.

DIY Siding Installation Tips for Vinyl Panels

Quick Guide For Siding Installation

If you have been thinking of getting new vinyl siding for your home and you have also decided to do the installation all by yourself, here are a few DIY siding installation tips to help you. Vinyl siding panels come with lots of benefits that include not only durability, resistance, attractive appearance and affordability, but quick and easy installation as well, so with these tips, you will be able to put up your new siding very quickly.

What You Will Need for the Installation

Most Lansing vinyl siding systems include almost everything you need for the installation. The tools that you will have to use during the installation include a level, tape measure, snips and nails, a claw hammer, pliers, a utility knife, a nail slot punch, various types of saws, such as a carpenter’s saw and a hacksaw and a pry bar. You will also need a good and very stable ladder to climb on and some work protections clothes, such as a good helmet, work gloves and non-slip work shoes. To make your work easier, invite a friend to help you with the siding installation process – case in which you will need a second ladder and a second set of protective garment.

How to Apply the Vinyl Siding

The best way to make sure your new siding panels are fixed properly and are stable is to remove the old siding down to the sheathing, then to apply house wrap and foil on the sheathing and to install the new vinyl panels only when the wall is prepped.

Start the installation at the soffit and the fascia. Remove the gutters, then cut the siding panels to size to fit into place and nail the J-channel panels in with 4d nails.

When the soffit and the fascia are done, you can move on to apply the siding on the walls. Remove all obstacles, such as lamps or address plates and also install any insulation that you need underneath the siding, then measure the width of the wall and divide the result by 8 to find out how many panels you need in one line. Install the siding panels as recommended by the instruction manual that accompanies the siding system. Install the starter strip first, then continue with the corner posts. Pay special attention to the areas around the windows, the doors and around the deck that is most probably suspended from one of the walls. Wherever you have adjoining panels, make sure the panels overlap by about an inch.

Final Thoughts

Once you read the detailed instruction manual and you get started, you will surely get the hang of the whole installation process. However, if you still feel that the job is too daunting for you, you should not waste time and energy trying to do it alone or with your friend – don’t hesitate to call a professional siding installation technician or to ask for help if you get stuck with a procedure. We have put together these DIY siding installation tips to help you get the work done faster and more efficiently, but siding installation involves a lot of climbing on ladders – if you are not comfortable using ladders, it is a good idea to leave the project to professionals.

The Process of Hiring a Roofing Company in Wichita – What to Look for and How to Act

Process of Finding The Right Contractor

Hiring a roofing company in Wichita is easy and difficult at the same time – it is easy because there are very many great roofing companies in the area and difficult because you need to find a company that specializes in the type of roofing project that you are faced with. If you feel confused by the process of evaluating, contacting and choosing the right Wichita roofer, here are a few tips to make it all easier for you.


Ask for Recommendations

This should be the first step whenever you look for a construction specialist to hire, not only roofers: ask everyone you know to tell you if they have used a roofer and if they have, to tell you about the experience. Happy customers are the best reference for professional roofers, so if a roofing company gets lots of praise from former clients, you can surely trust them, too.

Carry Out Your Own Research Online

You should also conduct some online research to find roofers around you. Most construction specialists nowadays have their own website where you can check their area of expertise, information related to their services, contact details, testimonials and lots of other details, so try to compare the notes you have taken while talking to people you know and the information on the websites that you have found and narrow your list to 3-4 roofers to contact.

Compile a List with You Expectations

This is a very important phase. You need to tell your roofer what you want exactly to allow him to come up with the best solution. Take notes whenever something comes to your mind related to roof design, color, texture, warranty, weather-resistance or installation time and don’t be shy to ask all those question during the personal meeting.

Contact Roofers

Get into touch with the roofers experienced with roofing Wichita KS homes that are on your list to tell them about your project. It is a good idea to communicate in writing, such as via email to avoid confusion or misunderstanding during the negotiations and during the execution phase. Tell your roofer about all your ideas and requirements, show him the roofing site and request a detailed cost estimate that includes the description and the price of the materials that will be used, the completion deadline and the warranties offered by the roofer on the materials as well as on the labor.

Compare Quotes

Evaluate the quotes provided by the contacted roofers based not only on the price, but based on quality as well. Don’t choose the cheapest or the most expensive quote and try to figure out which one of your quotes provides the best price to value ratio.

Include All Details into a Contract

Having the written estimate is not enough – you should also sign a contract with the roofer you selected.

With these steps, hiring a Wichita roofing company becomes easy – try to start looking for the right roofer early to have time to establish your priorities and to evaluate local roofers and your roofing project will be smooth and hassle-free.




Improve Your Home in Style – A Look at the Best Siding Products for Florida

A Look At The Best Siding Products

When it comes to evaluating what the best siding products for Florida are, homeowners have a lot of ground to cover in terms of learning about the specific qualities and considerations that contractors would recommend. Florida is warm, and it can be quite a temperamental area. Storms, hurricanes and even droughts can be common at times, so your siding has to be chosen to take all that into account.


What to Shop for in Florida?


Heat and fire can be among the most problematic conditions that Florida siding manufacturers have to consider when building their products. If you live in certain parts of the state, fire hazards can be quite common, and a durable, fireproof siding product, such as brick or concrete siding, can sometimes even save your life.


On the other hand, heat is prevalent wherever you live in the state of Florida. So the best siding products for Florida have to include products that have the ability to improve your home’s ability to insulate itself against that heat.


As it’s bombarded by heat waves and hot UV rays from the sun, your siding has to be capable to withstand all that heat and reflect it out into the environment. What happens then is that your AC unit can run on a lot less energy to maintain the temperature within your home, and sometimes you can even turn it off entirely.


Finally, it’s important to buy siding that offers at least some form of storm protection. Hail and hurricanes are common in this region, and homeowners often have to do damage control and spend a lot of money on new siding or siding repairs, when a powerful storm hits.


If you want to avoid storm damage, some of the best candidates for doing so include aluminum, vinyl and fiber cement siding. These products – especially when bought from contractors or manufacturers that are up to speed with the latest manufacturing techniques – will offer you increased protection, and allow you to breathe more easily before a storm.


Genuine Wood vs. Imitations


Genuine wood siding can be a popular choice for an Orlando roofing company. It looks natural, and it can also be purchased in textures and colors that reflect modern trends quite well. So, if you live somewhere in the Miami metropolitan region or in a big city like Orlando, you don’t have to worry about your home looking less “chic” than your neighbors’ homes.


However, wood can present a lot of problems, since it’s prone to fires, rot and pests, and it’s also easily damaged by storms. Engineered wood can be a viable alternative, since it’s easier to install, handles moisture and impacts better, and it’s not prone to pests and insects.


An even better option is concrete or fiber cement siding. This type of siding is far more durable and resilient than wood, and it can be cheaper. What’s more important is that fiber cement is capable of mimicking the appearance of wood to a remarkable extent. So if you want a wood imitation that gets as close as possible to the real thing, the best siding products for Florida that you can choose from will definitely include some type of fiber cement siding.

What Are the Highest Rated Siding Products and Why Should You Consider Them?

Highest Rating

If you’re thinking of replacing your old siding, buying the highest rated siding products is certainly a preferred option. However, if you’re on a budget or you’re low on time, or if you have to cope with any kind of limitation, then your options can be a bit restricted.


Regardless of small details, however, you’ll find that your local siding and construction contractors will be more than happy to help you determine exactly which types of siding you should buy.


Vinyl Siding Products


If you want the least expensive siding on the market, vinyl is it. Despite being cheap – or maybe partly because of it – vinyl is among the highest rated sliding options currently on the market. However, it does have a lot more to show for that popularity.


Vinyl is strong, and it stands up great against heat and wind. It also requires only occasional maintenance, and it’s not affected by rot or mold. As for its color and design options, it’s worth mentioning that vinyl can imitate wood and stone quite faithfully.


The Appeal of Wood Siding


Wood siding can be expensive, but it’s definitely one of the highest rated siding products you can buy. Wood is extremely stylish, and it can last for many years as long as you take proper care of it. While maintenance concern might be a problem, you’ll find that the beautiful, natural appearance of wood and the unlimited color and styling choices it offers you will be well worth the effort.


Stucco and Masonry


If you want something a little more expensive and fashionable, probably the best choice you can make is that of getting either stucco or masonry for your home exterior.


Stucco is an excellent option if you’re living in warm, dry areas such as in the southwest of the country. While the actual material is inexpensive, the labor costs can be quite high when it comes to installing stucco. Also, because the wood framing stucco requires is susceptible to mold, it’s usually not the best option if you live in an area where it constantly rains.


Masonry is another highly popular choice, and the most popular (as well as costly) are stone and brick siding. However, if you want a cheaper alternative, you can consider stone veneer that looks almost the same, and you can even tie it to the foundation of your home for added durability.


What to Ask Your Contractor


When considering any of the siding products mentioned above, it’s important to ask one of the San Antonio roofing companies a few questions, especially if you just moved to the area and you don’t exactly know what works and what doesn’t:


  • What are the best siding options that are considered suitable for the climate of the area?
  • Are there any discounts on the siding options you recommend?
  • How long will it take to install each type of siding in part?
  • Are there any special recommendations you have about the home I live in?


With the information gathered from the answers that your reliable local contractors will give you, and by comparing insight offered by several siding installation experts, you can slowly start to form your precise opinion about what you need. The highest rated siding products are just around the corner, and it’s up to you to decide which of them can actually be considered the best in your case.

In Search of the Best Siding Products You Can Aim for

Best of the Best

When looking for the best siding products that money can buy, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Siding is expensive at the higher end, and with the many new choices available on the market today, it can be hard to determine exactly which one you want the most and which one is most suitable for your home and the climate you live in.


However, with the help of some quick tips and some assistance from your local contractors, you’ll find that it can be quite easy to figure out exactly what you need and what works best for your home.


What Should You Look for in the Best Siding Products?


If you want to find the most appealing siding products for your home, you have to first determine exactly what that means. Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Durability is a key component in siding materials. You have to make sure your siding can last at least 10-20 years, so you can avoid having to do extensive repairs or replace it too soon.
  • Depending on the climate, energy efficiency is also important. The siding material’s ability to keep heat contained will work to your advantage in keeping your electric and gas bills low.
  • If you live in an area where there are lots of storms, make sure water, wind and hail damage doesn’t affect the siding you buy. Same goes for getting fireproof siding in areas where there are lots of fires.
  • Finally, it’s important to keep in mind the style and color choices you want. Not all siding has the kinds of texture and color styles that you’re looking for, but some can even offer more than you’d expect.


The Most Durable and Stylish Materials to Consider


Depending on which of the above qualities you’re looking for, you can choose between an assortment of high quality materials and modern, high end products that are all equally valuable in their own right.


Vinyl is one of the top products you can get if you want to enjoy a durable, lightweight and stylish material at a lower price. Also, vinyl siding has the advantage that it can be installed straight over existing materials. If you want to retrofit your house, just save on labor costs and choose vinyl.


Wood is the material of choice if you’re interested in buying the most stylish material on the market. Wood does have its drawbacks – since it can attract termites, and not all wooden products do well when coping with heat and fire – but there have been many advancements made in developing coating and paint that can better protect wood siding and keep it in good shape far longer.


Finally, we have fiber cement or concrete siding. This is possibly the most durable type of siding you can get, and its style and appeal approaches that of genuine wood. Moreover, concrete siding is completely fireproof, and it also does well when it comes to preventing water damage and pests.


Re-siding your house doesn’t have to be a difficult choice or a bad one. You can consider your options carefully, and ask for assistance from one of the local roofing companies Wichita KS provides who have a little more experience in determining what works best for your local area. The best siding products are within your grasp, and with so many options to choose from, you are side to find a product that’s ideal for your home.

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor


Roofing is the process of constructing the roof a any building. Roofing materials are used in constructing it. The person who constructs roofs is called a Roofer. These a few ways how you can select the perfect roofer for your dream home as it is confusing and challenging task:

Necessary insurance:
Definitely make sure that your roofer has a worker’s compensation and a liability insurance in case anything goes wrong. Do verify the insurance certificate and cross verify with the insurance company to confirm that their certificate is valid or not. This keeps you in a safe zone knowing that the services provided and your roof is under coverage of the insurance company.

Choose a well renowned contractor:
This is an important aspect in selecting a contractor. Always go for a local well established roofing company who has a good reputation in the society. There are many fraud companies who take a wholesome of money as advance and vanish in the middle of the night. It is very easy to forge documents so always go for a well renowned company.

Price isn’t the only parameter:
Never choose a company based on the prices. A small company which charges a less fee can surprise you with an extraordinary piece of work. It is also possible that a big company which charges a tremendous fee leaves you with nothing but disappointment. No matter which company you go for, in the long run you get what you paid for.

Don’t fall for door to door roofers:
It is common to find door to door roofers who follow canvass and sell marketing techniques. Only pick a roofer who has a large number of satisfied of customers behind them to support their company. These door to door roofers usually try to prove false arguments like your roof is damaged and mentally pressure you by their forceful tactics.


Take your time until you are satisfied:
It is highly suggested that you should only pay the full amount after the work is completed according to your satisfaction and what you were promised. You should be the one who is in control and not the other way around. Make sure that the payment details are discussed and finalized before the start of the work. Also ask how long the construction will take and the size of the crew.

Establish good communication:
Communication is key to any business. If they don’t reveal all details, walk away from the deal. If they don’t reply to your calls and complaints, it is advised to cut the agreement as soon as possible. This way you can avoid a sick deal and also save your hard earned money.